Monday, June 12, 2017

Stone Soup Sunday: One Kitchen's Effort toward Feeding the Hungry

    First Christian Church and St. Mary's Catholic Church alternate as meal hosts throughout the week for Stone Soup Corvallis.  On Sunday June 11, 2017, dinner does not start until 5:30 PM, and volunteers show up today at First Christian Church around 3:00 PM.  Dawn Byrne, volunteer for 3 years, immediately starts making bread pudding. 

 Stone Soup Corvallis operates throughout the week to feed anyone who comes through the doors, whom they refer to as their clients.  Many of their clients are house less or transient.  Stone Soup is a non-profit, volunteer program. On an average day, Stone Soup Corvallis can serve up to 100 people. (Above: Rob Smith prepares chicken, while Dawn Byrne makes pudding.) 

Today's meal consists of two baked chicken drums, mashed potatoes and gravy, toast, soup, salad and desert. Clients of Stone Soup Corvallis are also offered milk, coffee and water for beverages. Vegetarian options are available, as well.  Clients are allowed a second portion around 6:00 if there is enough and are also offered take out boxes, to help them until their next meal. 

Many of the volunteers get to know their clients and regularly work volunteering into their school or work routines. On May 19, 2017, Jose Francisco Semadeni, one of Stone Soup Corvallis' regular clients, was found dead outside of First Christian Church due to health issues.  Jose Francisco Semadeni was well known among the clients and volunteers.  Mark McClees, (not pictured), stated that the client population is always more anxious when something like this happens. Jose Francisco Semadeni will have a Memorial Service on June 17, 2017 for those who remember him.  (Above: Morgan Ramsden and Kayla Allen prepare a vegetarian casserole)

This evening, around 10 volunteers get together and feed the hungry.  Though they are working hard, they laugh and joke throughout making dinner and even have time to take a break for coffee before they open the gates.  (Above; Henry Maron and Morgan Ramsden)

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